Antarctic Tartan Tablemats 4pk

Art Screen


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  • Antarctic Tartan
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • 26 x 20.5cm
  • Set of 4
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Antarctic Tartan Tablemats 4pk

Art Screen

These robust wooden placemats are practical and stylishly clad in Antarctic Tartan.

At 26 x 20.5cm, they are generously sized. The easy care surface wipes clean with a damp cloth, leaving you free to use them to protect your prized surfaces from scratches, burns and watermarks. A beautiful gift for the discerning host, and a source of pleasure for many years to come.

About Antarctic Tartan: fresh and vibrant, each thread reflects a different aspect of Antarctica; white for Antarctic ice flows, grey for outcropping rocks, seals and birds; orange and yellow for lichen, bright penguin plumage and the summer midnight sun; black and white for penguins and whales; pale blue for crevasses and shallow icy waters; and deep midnight blue for the Antarctic Ocean and the dark Antarctic winter. 

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