Proposals for Antarctica

Peter Liversidge


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  • 60 Proposals to Celebrate Antarctica
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Proposals for Antarctica

Peter Liversidge

Proposals for Antarctica


Between 1st and 30th November2019, Peter Liversidge typed and mailed 60 proposals to the UK AntarcticHeritage Trust as part of a commission for Antarctica In Sight, to mark the200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica in 2020.

The group of 60 proposals rangefrom the possible to the impossible, from creating a series of full-sizedEaster Island heads from snow gathered on Port Lockroy; raising a flag inAntarctica that reads only ‘Hello”;  toasking 200 schools around the United Kingdom to collaborate on a series ofwatercolours of iceberg, painted using iceberg water, gathered in Antarctica.

Here we bring all 60 proposalstogether in one specially-commissioned book. 

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