Fur Seals - Whales and Tourist

Stephen Dibbern


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  • Written by Stephen Dibbern
  • Deception Island
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Fur Seals - Whales and Tourist

Stephen Dibbern

Fur Seals, Whales and Tourist: ACommercial History of Deception Island, Antarctica


Deception Island in the SouthShetland Islands was the site of some of the earliest commercial activity to becarried out in the Antarctic, with the hunting of Antarctic fur seals in theearly 19th century.

This book explores thecommercial history of the island and its historic links to whaling, includingthe only successful land-based factory in the history of Antarctica,  the Hektor whaling station in Whalers Bay,which operated from 1912-1931. By the latter part of the 20th Century,Deception Island had become a regular stop for the growing Antarctic touristcruise industry.

It goes on to expand into thescientific, aviation, geographical and political history of Deception Island,as well as its condition today after volcanic eruptions in the mid twentiethcentury obliterated many historic buildings. Illustrated with historical andcurrent photos.

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