Sheet 2A and 2B Brabant Island to Adelaide Islands

British Antarctic Survey


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  • Scale: 1:250,000
  • Cartography by the British Antarctic Survey
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Sheet 2A and 2B Brabant Island to Adelaide Islands

British Antarctic Survey

This folded map covers the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula between Brabant Island and the Adelaide Islands, including: Gerlache Strait, Lemaire Channel, Palmer Station, Vernadsky Station, Grandidier Channel, Crystal Sound and Port Lockroy Historic Site. It also covers part of the east coast including Exasperation Inlet and Crane Glacier.It connects to map BAS/UKAHT 3 to give full coverage of the northern Antarctic Peninsula north of the Adelaide Islands.

The map shows topographic detail with a Landsat 8 satellite image mosaic backdrop. It includes coastline;elevation information as contours and selected mountain summit heights; UK place-names; scientific research stations; Historic Sites and Monuments (HSMs)and Antarctic Specially Protected Areas (ASPAs).

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