Antarctic Tartan Woollen Blanket

Lochcarron of Scotland


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  • Tartan exclusive to UKAHT
  • 100% pure lambswool
  • 1.4m x 1.6m
  • Woven in Scotland
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Antarctic Tartan Woollen Blanket

Lochcarron of Scotland

Woven from 100% pure lambswool,this soft, lightweight blanket in Antarctic Tartan will keep you warm throughout the icy winter months. Come summer, it also makes the perfect outdoor blanket or picnic rug.  Exclusively made for UKAHT by Lochcarron of Scotland, it measures 180 x 142cm with fringing.

About Antarctic Tartan: fresh and vibrant, each thread reflects a different aspect of Antarctica; white for Antarctic ice flows, grey for outcropping rocks, seals and birds; orange and yellow for lichen, bright penguin plumage and the summer midnight sun; black and white for penguins and whales; pale blue for crevasses and shallow icy waters; and deep midnight blue for the Antarctic Ocean and the dark Antarctic winter.

UKAHT has developed a stunning range of products with Lochcarron of Scotland, the world’s leading manufacturer of tartan. Proudly made in Scotland by skilled craftsmen and women who design,dye, warp, weave, mend and tailor Scottish tartans and textiles. Lochcarron champions traditional tartan fabric manufacturing, with a heritage dating back to 1892. 

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