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Antarctic Tartan Fine Merino Wool Scarf

Antarctic Tartan Fine Merino Wool Scarf

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The perfect addition to any wardrobe this extra fine merino scarf is a truly versatile accessory. This scarf is lightweight and can be worn throughout the seasons; with a lovely drape, it can be worn as a wrap over the shoulders or knotted neatly as a scarf.

About Antarctic Tartan: fresh and vibrant, each thread reflects a different aspect of Antarctica; white for Antarctic ice flows, grey for outcropping rocks, seals and birds; orange and yellow for lichen, bright penguin plumage and the summer midnight sun; black and white for penguins and whales; pale blue for crevasses and shallow icy waters; and deep midnight blue for the Antarctic Ocean and the dark Antarctic winter.

  • 100% Fine Merino Wool
  • Exclusive to UKAHT
  • Dimensions 70cm x 200cm
  • Dry clean only

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