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'Mon the Fish by Helen Fay, 2004

'Mon the Fish by Helen Fay, 2004

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On the occasion of UK Antarctica Heritage Trust’s 30th anniversary, we are delighted to offer a limited reprint of renowned artist Helen Fay’s ‘Mon the Fish, 2004

I made this image as one of a series of drypoint etchings of Gentoo penguins around 2004/5. During that time I worked at Glasgow Print studio and visited Edinburgh Zoo regularly to draw. Penguins were an obvious choice for me, they lend themselves to printmaking as their graphic appearance marries perfectly with the graphic qualities in print. Their character en masse and individually is completely awesome, as is their remarkable capacity to survive unimaginable conditions. These qualities are some of the reasons they are so endearing and why it’s so important to protect their home" Helen Fay, October 2023.

  • Certificate of Authenticity Included
  • 42 x 60cm, ready to mount and frame
  • Limited run of 150

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