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Adopt a Penguin GIFT

Adopt a Penguin GIFT

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Over 1,000 gentoo penguins made their home with us at Port Lockroy over 30 years ago and we have been studying and contributing to their protection ever since. Adopting A Penguin with UKAHT will help protect the gentoos and their home on the Peninsula. 

As part of this 12-month adoption, the recipient will receive a welcome pack including an adoption certificate, fact booklet and welcome pack, gentoo cuddly toy, gentoo updates from Port Lockroy and a gentoo postcard sent from Antarctica. Adoptions make the perfect gift. 

By choosing to gift an Adopt A Penguin with UKAHT, you and your recipient will support the monitoring of the colony and conservation on site at Port Lockroy. With you and your recipients help, we can protect areas of the Island from human interaction and continue studying the breeding success of the gentoos every year. As a charity we are dependent on donations and every gift, adoption and membership helps to support our activity both in Antarctica and around the world.


For your gift adoption, please ensure the delivery address completed is that of the recipient.
  • 12-month adoption.
  • Gentoo postcard sent from Antarctica (sent between November and April, can take 2 months from the date of sending to arrive).
  • Gentoo cuddly toy and gentoo updates from Port Lockroy. Fascinating fact booklet and welcome pack and adoption certificate.
  • **Ensure the delivery address is that of the recipient**
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